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Established in 1990, Superior Information Systems Inc., over the period of time has blossomed into one of the leading Software Development Houses in the country, providing complete ERP solutions to businesses both through customized and off the shelf products tailored to meet local conditions and laws. Majority of our clients are those,Read More...


Time Management System

SIS Time Management is an Attendance Tracking System that replaces the typical time clock used to track employees attendance. It creates a sophisticated algorithm to generate and store a unique numerical template either by making a discreet images of thumb / fingers or identifies the proximity card to validate the physical presence of an employee which ultimately automates the payroll processing.

How does it work?

SIS Time Management uses a biometric device that makes discreet images of the thumb or any other finger and creates a sophisticated algorithm to generate and store a unique numerical template. Each time an employee scans his/her thumb/finger, a new number is generated and compared to the one on file. The device accurately identifies the employee and records their in/out transaction in the payroll database... all in about 0.27 second!

Why use SIS Time Management System?

  • Eliminate cost of paper time cards.
  • Avoid unauthorized overtime.
  • No more errors when computing time.
  • Less labor time to process payroll.
  • Avoid unwanted “buddy-punching”.
  • Enforce company policies.
  • Apply rounding rules accurately.
  • Reduce overall labor time.
  • Strong management reports.
  • Boost HR Department productivity.
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