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Payroll Management System

Payroll Management System deals with the maintenance of the employees’ personal records, financial data, Leaves records and enrollment with the effect of attendance and overtimes. The payroll can be calculated on monthly, weekly or even on daily basis. The Annual build-ups and employees’ turn-over are automatically calculated and saved at the time of processing of payroll of any given period during the year.

  • Setting up of an Applicant File containing his personal data, general information, qualification,   working experience with ex-employers and misc. information related to Guardian info, license info, nationality etc.
  • Setting up of Master File for all Management and Supervisory Cadre Employees maintaining their employment History and their Leaves Record. Recording of the personal data of all employees keeping in view their   Departments, Categories and their Status and also maintaining the criteria of each employee for Date of Joining, Date of Appointment, Date of Confirmation, Date of Promotion in Managerial Cadre, Employees Status like Confirmed, Active, Resigned and Terminated etc.
  • Recording of Current and History of Change in Salary Record retaining Basic Salary, unlimited Allowances, Deductions, Advances and Loan Detail and its installment and recoveries thereon.
  • Maintenance of Arrears and their History based on monthly and annual Build-up.
  • Maintaining the Absents, Casual Leaves , Sick Leaves, Earned Leaves, Social Security Leaves, Privilege Leaves, Without Pay Leaves records etc. based on various categories of employees like Managerial and Non-Managerial.
  • Calculation and Processing of Monthly Payroll and its Summary based on Cost Centers,   Departments and Areas. In addition to this, calculation and generation of Journal Vouchers in connection with General Ledger Package. Furthermore, Arrears and One-Day Salary Deduction, if any, will be the part of monthly salary calculation.
  • Maintenance of Allied Matters incl. Social Security Contribution, EOABI Contribution, Education Cess, Bonus U/S 10/C, Profit Bonus, Ex-Gratia, Unfunded Gratuity, WPP Fund, Medical Reimbursement, Leave Fare Assistance, Provident Fund Contribution, its related Loans and Arrears, Monthly & Annual Income Tax Statement and Professional Tax calculated Modules.
  • Proper Internal File Controls so that data always remains correctly balanced, through its self-Internal-Audit procedures.
  • Tax Computation for the Assessment Year; includes the advance monthly Tax deduction of income and accumulation of Tax deductions at the year end is computed against various cadre / categories of Employees. In addition to the monthly and annual Tax Computation Statement, the Certificate of Deduction of Tax is processed from Income chargeable under the Head u/s 50(1) of Income Tax Ordinance 2001.
  • Calculation and Processing of Excess perquisites for the year ended (Assessment Year) includes the maintenance of their inputs and their merging of different Allowances against all active employees (i.e., Executive, Subordinate and Staff).
  • Graphs, Find Utility, Security Levels, Passwords, Indexes, Backup and off-load Backup Utilities will be the part of package. 

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