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Build Up and Maintenance of Provident Fund Accounts of Members

  • Employee’s Personal record
  • Employee Contribution as deduction from monthly salary
  • Company contribution as deduction from monthly salary
  • Permanent withdrawals from Provident Fund which may be for the purpose of insurance, house building, land purchases or other reasons.
  • Provident Fund Adjustment accounts due to conversion of Permanent Withdrawal into Refundable Loan

Maintenance of Loan Accounts of Members

  • Payment of Loan amounts to Members
  • Recording of interest on outstanding Loans
  • Recovery of Loan Installments from Monthly Salary

Maintenance of Investment Accounts

  • Creating different types of Investment Accounts
  • Providing periodical interest accruals on Investments
  • Calculating annual interest income on investments
  • Recording maturity of Investments

Calculation of Annual Interest Income and Its Distribution

  • Calculating interest income on all investments for July to June period making any adjustments required
  • Calculation of Net Interest Income to be distributed among P.Fund members after making adjustments of interest paid to Outgoing employees during the year and the amortization amount etc.
  • Distribution of Net Interest Income among the existing members of P.Fund

Maintenance of Insurance Policies

  • Maintenance of Insurance Policies records
  • Recording of Insurance Premium payments as Permanent withdrawals
  • Recording of Receipts of Insurance amounts from Insurance companies as contribution to

Payment of Final Settlement for Outgoings

  • Calculation of Interest Income due to any ongoing employee
  • Calculation of Complete Account of any outgoing employee
  • Recording of Zakat deduction from his final payment
  • Closing the P.Fund Account keeping in view of his active indicators


  • Members ‘ Ledger with monthly employees’ and employers’ contribution
  • Loan Ledger with interest and proportionate installments
  • Loan Recoveries and their schedules in accordance with company’s policy
  • Investment Account Statement based on schedule & annual interest income on investment
  • Periodical interest accruals on investment
  • Annual Income Distribution Statement for regular and outgoing employees
  • Permanent Withdrawals Statement in terms of insurance, investment and funds’ amount
  • Final Settlement for the outgoings with zakat deductions

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