Time Management System

SIS Time Management – Salient Features

“A real Future lies in the value of using it.”

  • Attendance through Bio Metric device.
  • All fingers enrollment capability.
  • Manual adjustments (by Authorized Personnel only).
  • Attendance exceptions tracking.
  • Shifts definition and its schedule support.
  • Status report (Late, Normal, Early “IN/OUT”).
  • Employees Records Locking to prevent unintended data overwrites.
  • Over time, Daily wages & Multi-Activity In/Out Support.
  • Vacation tracking / leaves.
  • On site employee & Paid-holidays tracking.
  • Multi-level password protection.
  • Flexible configuration of the rounding rules and grace periods.
  • Employees’ pictures capturing from the file.
  • Communications through TCP/IP Network (Network Based Version).
  • Daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly & yearly statistics and reports.
  • Pay bills (Salary Slip) generated through this system.
  • Setting up of Master File for all Management and Supervisory Cadre Employees maintaining their employment History and their Leaves Record plus recording of the personal data of all employee keeping in view their departments, categories, their status, maintaining the criteria of each employee for date of joining, date of Appointment, date of Confirmation, date of promotion in managerial cadre, employees status like confirmed, active, resigned and terminated.
  • Recording of Current and History of Change in Salary Record retaining Basic Salary along with Unlimited Allowance, Deductions, Advance, Loan Detail, Installment and Recoveries thereon.
  • Maintaining the Leaves, Absents, Casual Leaves, Sick Leaves, Earned Leaves, Social Security Leaves, Privilege Leaves, Without Pay Leaves based on various categories of employees like Managerial and Non-Managerial.
  • Maintenance of Allied Matters incl. Social Security Contributions and Eoabi Contributions.
  • Utilities like Graphs, Find Utility, Security Levels, Passwords, Backup and off-load Backup Utilities is the part of package.