Litigation Management System


Litigation Management System

We offer a smart cloud-based Multi-User Law Case Management Software with a powerful dashboard for visual analytical views. The software will manage the life cycle of cases, both civil and criminal, from date of initiation to finality stage with following benefits.

  • Installation & Configuration
  • Countless Users with role-based authorization
  • Manual Guide
  • Operational Flow Guide


  • Smart, Multiuser Web based.
  • Multiple offices/branches support
  • Users Configurable
  • Role based authentication & authorization.
  • Privilege based to system level options.
  • Configurable Case Types
  • Countless addition of Litigation portfolios
  • Configurable Courts
  • Countless Proceeding Stages against Court & Cases
  • Smart Track of Hearing Status
  • Configurable Counsels at any stage of Case
  • Multiple Document Uploading for each case file.
  • Virus-scanning of each uploaded documents
  • Smart Searching text in uploaded scanned copies of documents
  • Automatic organization of Case files and maintaining nomenclatures
  • Confidentiality of Documents, Archived Maintenance
  • Configurable Hearing alerts to multiple stakeholders via dashboard & email
  • History tree of Linked and Identical cases
  • Smart Search of alike past and present Cases
  • Provision for Appeals against adverse decisions
  • Tracking of Appeal Limitations with alerts
  • Quick Sort & Easy access of Exporting of data in CSV, excel, pdf.
  • Extensive filtration criteria & Smart Search everywhere in the app
  • Consolidated analytical Dashboards & office/branch wise separate analytics.

“Litigation Management System is basically for managing the life cycle of a case from date of institution to finality stages.”

About Software:

“A sophisticated information management system with workflow practices, that is tailored to effectively track the status of legal needs and requirements.”

Maintaining Proceedings Stages at following levels:

  • Civil Proceeding Stages (Civil Court)
  • Appeals Proceeding Stages (District & Session Court)
  • Criminal Proceeding Stages (Civil Court)
  • Appeals Proceeding Stages (District & Session)
  • Proceeding Stages (High Court)
  • Proceeding Stages (Supreme Court)

Recording Systems:

Recording and Alarming the Hearing Status, Date wise, Court Name wise, Proceeding Stage wise and Counsel Name wise


  • Cloud Case Management System
  • Microsoft Platform
  • Multi-User System
  • Role-based authentication
  • Authorization of Users with Management
  • Security Passwords
  1. Provision of the countless adding Litigation Portfolios
  2. Provision of the countless adding Counsels
  3. Provision of the countless adding Name of Courts
  4. Provision of the High-Powered Dash Boards showing Client Status, Nature of Cases & Status of Cases
  5. Provision of the role-based authentication and authorization
  6. Dynamic Extensive Filtering Criteria with multi-permutations
  7. Drill Down Facilities on various permutations